Compliance Management and Governance

Koekemoer and Associates Consulting enables companies and governmental departments comply with relevant statutory and regulatory requirements. We ensure that our client’s compliance management meets and exceeds all the relevant statutory requirements. with good practice codes in areas of labour , health and safety, B-BBEE, Employment Equity and Skills Development and many other aspects of trading compliance and reputational risk.

Our employees and affiliated specialist consultants have extensive experience in strategic consulting, especially for the mining, transport and the resource sectors. In the disciplines of strategy alliance and re-engineering of organisations we offer training and development, and ensure that all legislative requirements are met.

We provide cost effective, timely, high quality and practical services to SMME and Corporate clients, local councils and other government departments.

We work with our customers, employees and owners to meet their requirements. We will not be satisfied with anything less, and we will continually improve our processes until those requirements are met. We will achieve these objectives with the highest degree of integrity and professionalism, and in a maner that will earn the respect of each group to which we are committed.

Koekemoer and Associates Consulting provides cost effective, timely, high quality and practical services to SMME and Corporate clients, local councils and other government departments.

What is Compliance Management?

Standard goals in your operations in the following areas:

  • B-BBEE
  • Health and Safety Alignment
  • Labour relations, employment equity and skills development
  • DISC Profiling of employees
  • Personality analysis, highlighting strengths / ¬†Weaknesses of employees
  • RTMS – Road Transport Management System (TBA)
  • Training and Training Videos (TBA)
Compliance management for mining, transport and the resources sectors.

We perform the above through a consultative and strategy alignment process, optimising the Company and its resources through:

  • Determining approval procedures and developing programmes to apply for, obtain, and comply with legislative and statutory requirements
  • Preparation of compliance documentation, including but not restricted to B-BBEE Assessments, Impact Statements, Factors, Management Strategy Plans
  • Performance assessments in the area of HR
  • Developing practical plans to address existing or potential B-BBEE and other legislative issues
  • Planning, supervising and implementing strategy programmes
  • Planning, supervising and implementing of Corporate Social Responsibility Programmes
  • Developing Management Systems
  • Planning, demonstrating and establishing systems and processes for ongoing performance management, ie. training, monitoring, auditing, reporting, and so on.
  • Training Courses in all aspects of monitoring and management of trading compliance.
  • Professional document preparation.