• Koekemoer and Associates Consulting will work in partnership with our customers, employees, and owners to meet their  requirements.
  •  We will not be satisfied with anything less, and we will continually improve our processes until those requirements are met.
  •  We will achieve these objectives with the highest degree of integrity and professionalism, and in a manner that will earn the respect of each group to which we are committed.

Commitment to Customers

  • Koekemoer and Associates Consulting will understand and conform to our customer’s requirements by providing defect-free services.
  • We will provide our customers with services that are of the highest available value.

Commitment to Employees

Koekemoer and Associates Consulting will provide our employees with a secure, safe, and enjoyable work environment.

In order to meet commitments to our customers and owners, we require employees who continually improve their performance levels. To attract and retain this calibre employee, we will offer a competitive compensation and benefits package, including profit sharing funded by the company based upon company profitability, and individual incentive compensation plans based on performance where appropriate.

In addition, we will provide opportunities for career advancement. Filling these positions from within the organization will be the preferred option.

Commitment to Owners

  • Koekemoer and Associates Consulting will steadily increase pre-tax profits over the long term while maintaining a reasonable return on investment.
  • We will safeguard the assets of the company by exercising a high level of risk control.
  • Above all, Koekemoer and Associates Consulting will be an organization – its products, its people, and its reputation – in which our owners can take pride.