Ennagram Personality Analysis

The Enneagram is a character profiling system used throughout the world by psychologists, corporations, universities, consultants, therapists, religious leaders, authors and screenwriters. The nine-pointed Enneagram (pronounced ANY-a-gram) symbol forms an objective map of human nature, the personality, the psyche, the soul and relationships.

Enneagram Personality Analysis

In Enneagram Personality Analysis there are nine different character (often referred to as personality) types and each has a distinct way of viewing the world. It is easy to understand and use. It describes each type in intuitively recognizable ways by describing the habitual behaviours, desires, fears, viewpoints, hopes and dreams of each of the nine types.

So many practical applications are possible with the Enneagram because it is a framework that clarifies the mutually sustaining, self-balancing components that are part of any complex process. Whenever we wish to understand any process more clearly (and why any course of action does or does not work), we can use the Enneagram as a guide.

For example, to start and operate a successful enterprise:

  • One needs vision and confidence (Eight),
  • The ability to bring people together and to listen to them (Nine),
  • Ethical standards and quality control (One),
  • The ability to serve people and anticipate their needs (Two),
  • Promotional and communication skills (Three),
  • A well-designed product and a sensitivity to its emotional impact on individuals (Four),
  • Technical expertise and innovative ideas (Five),
  • Teamwork and self-regulating feedback (Six),
  • And energy and optimism (Seven).

Thus, each type, seen metaphorically, is a necessary component of the whole, and without it, something important will be deficient or even entirely missing. This kind of analysis can be made on many different conceptual levels for an amazing variety of phenomena.

We can use the Enneagram to understand a multitude of business applications, strengths, weaknesses, relationships, parenting, cultural differences, and personal and career growth.