Our services in a nutshell

The following services are provided and performed on a high level and by means of consultation and strategy alignment by Koekemoer and Associates Consulting.

HR Consulting / Labour Relations / B-BBEE / and Employment Equity

  •    Employment Equity Implementation, reporting and Planning
  •    B-BBEE scorecards and B-BBEE ratings
  •    Strategy alignment and long term planning – B-BBEE
  •    Employment contracts
  •    Independent Arbitrations
  •    Disciplinary Enquiries
  •    CCMA Consulting and Representation
  •    Code of ethics consulting and development

Skills Development Facilitator Service

  •  We consult as SDF’s and assist companies with levy claims and ATR’s.
  •  In addition we are in a position to act as a service provider if required.

Please Note: Member of ASDFSA

Management / Supervisory Training

  • Law and Practice of Dismissal
  • Safe and Fair Actions
  • Labour Law for Managers
  • 1 Stop Managers Workshop
  • Corporate Governance Workshop
  • Human Resources Workshop
  • Performance appraisal training
  • Self-Development – Disc and Enneagram Personality analyses and feedback
  • Team Development – Belbin Team Roles
  • Corporate Social Investment
  • Business Ethics
  • Management and Supervisory Development
  • Finance for Non-Financial Managers
  • Developing a business plan (SMME)
  • Succession and management development

Employee Enhancement

  • Performance Management and Job Grading
  • DISC Profile analyses, team development and Relationship building
  • Personality Analyses, building on strengths and managing weaknesses
  • Team and business development through strategy and training interventions
  • Mentorship, coaching and Leadership programmes

Health and Safety Programme

  • Training for Health and Safety Representatives<
  • Health and Safety, EE and training committees formulation
  • Policy and procedure development
  • HIRA – Risks and Hazards
  • Job safety analyses and safe operating procedures
  • Develop and implement Health and Safety policy and plan
  • Implementation of OHS Act sections and regulations
  • Management, workplace Audit and reporting